Event Planning Specialist

Job Description
Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for online event planning, able to plan, execute, evaluate and monitor events, and integrate various event resources
2. Through activities to increase customer activity, increase customer conversion rate, and complete the corresponding transaction amount
3. Responsible for the effective implementation and control of all aspects of the activity, so that the activity achieves the expected goals and effects
4. Analyze and summarize activity data to improve activity ROI
5. Responsible for researching competition activities, conducting analysis and comparison, and providing innovative strategies and activity operation suggestions
Job Requirements
1. More than one year of experience in platform event operation or integrated e-commerce marketing planning. Good logical thinking, project coordination, time cutoff control
2. Have a keen market sensitivity and insight, and can apply innovative thinking to event planning and games.
3. Familiar with the user's psychology and needs, familiar with the marketing methods of new media
4. Excellent plan writing ability, good at PPT production and elaboration
5. Good sense of innovation, strong ability to learn quickly, able to work under great pressure, strong execution and driving force
6. Have good communication skills, creativity and teamwork skills
7. Proficient in using Word, execl, PowerPoint, etc.