The United Nations Holds "Recovered treasures: the art of sa


On January 7, 2020, at the opening ceremony of the exhibition titled "Recovered treasures: the art of saving art" at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, United Nations Secretary-General Guterres delivered a speech He pointed out that the uniqueness of this exhibition is that it brings together various works of art that share a common "saved history".
The exhibition is hosted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. Guterres thanked Italy for its firm determination and professional investigations conducted in many countries. He said that every masterpiece displayed here had been stolen, but was later recovered. Therefore, this exhibition not only includes priceless works of art, but also depicts the power of international cooperation.
Guterres said: "In recent years, from Iraq and Syria to Yemen, Mali and Afghanistan, how much of humanity’s cultural heritage has been lost is really painful. Indeed, from climate crisis to internal unrest, from armed conflict to With terrorism, we face a series of challenges that endanger the protection of our common heritage."
He pointed out that these threats are different in nature, but they need to be dealt with in a common way, that is, international cooperation. In this regard, we have a number of key international mechanisms to lead the way, including Security Council Resolution 2347. In this process, UNESCO has played a key role, especially the organization’s "Illegal Trafficking in Cultural Property Convention", this year marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention.
Guterres praised Italy for taking the lead in this cause on the international stage to strengthen global efforts to combat illicit trafficking in cultural property, share knowledge globally, and make heritage and culture a priority tool for peace and dialogue.