The International Talent Big Data Special Zone of the 18th C

Theme: Big Data Empowers Intelligent Urban Development
Location: Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center 
Time: 14-15 April 2020
Host Unit: The Ministry of Science and Technology (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) 
Shenzhen Municipal People's Government
Specific Undertaking Unit: Shenzhen Qianhai Think-tank International Talent Center Co., Ltd.
Execution Unit: Shenzhen Seaskyland Technologies Co., Ltd. 
Beijing Wohucanglong Network Technology Co., Ltd. 
Beijing Zhongkewutong Network Technology Co., Ltd. 
Beijing Heguangzhong Culture Development Co., Ltd.
The Conference on International Exchange of Professionals approved by the State Council and founded by the former State 
Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in 2001 is the only organization, training institution and professionals in China 
that is currently open to foreign experts on the largest scale and with the highest specifications. It is a national, 
international and comprehensive talent and intelligence exchange event that collects talents, intelligence, technology, 
projects, funds and management.
The contents of the exhibition include the introduction and display of the policies of attracting talents and regional charm; 
comprehensively demonstrate the promotion of the development of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, block chain, 5G and 
other high-tech technology industries; a comprehensive demonstration of the tremendous results of big data application in industry, 
agriculture, commerce, tourism, culture, media and other fields; demonstration of the role of big data in colleges and universities; 
all domestic and foreign talents, organizations and teams related to the results of big data will be exhibited comprehensively through 
forums, promotional meetings, road shows, contact fairs and exhibitions.
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