International Joint Initiatives ASBL Helps AI+Smart Agricult

International Joint Initiatives ASBL Helps AI+Smart Agriculture International Academic Seminar and Guangzhou Intelligent Engineering Research Association

In order to promote the in-depth integration of the “rural revitalization” national strategy and the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, we will effectively implement the spirit of replying to the secretaries, principals and expert representatives of agricultural colleges and universities across the country, and fully exchange the cutting-edge technologies of smart agriculture and artificial intelligence, and share the successful experience of smart agriculture. Diagnosing the current problems in the development of smart agriculture in China and Guangdong Province. On November 23-24, Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College co-sponsored with the Guangzhou Intelligent Engineering Research Association as it continued to carry out in-depth education on the theme of "not forgetting the original heart and keeping in mind the mission" AI+Smart Agriculture International Symposium and Guangzhou Intelligent Engineering Research Association 2019 Annual Meeting.

The conference was guided by Guangzhou Science and Technology Association, and organized by Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Waterfowl Healthy Breeding, Guangdong University Smart Agriculture Engineering Technology Research Center and other units. Academician Zhao Chunjiang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Cheng Ping, President of Zhongkai Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Fu Zetian, Council Member of China Agricultural University and former Vice President, Li Daoliang, Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, Michele Genovese, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the International Joint Initiative Multilateral Cooperation Organization, EU Environment and Agriculture The former Secretary-General of the Committee Roland and other experts and scholars attended the meeting and gave wonderful reports. Cheng Zhipeng, deputy inspector of Guangzhou Science and Technology Association, Zhu Lixue, vice president of Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College, and Zhang Daichun, deputy director of the Academic Department of Guangzhou Association for Science and Technology attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhu Lixue.

Honorary Chairman of International Joint Initiatives ASBL,Former member of the European Parliament and the European Commission,Special Advisor of the European Commission on Major Scientific Research and Innovation Subjects,Special Invited Expert of Talent Sharing Research Institute of China Ministry of Science and Technology Productivity Promotion Center Association Michele Genovese to give a keynote speech at the conference.

Cheng Ping delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. She said that the current new round of technological revolution represented by artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data is reconstructing the global innovation landscape and reshaping the global economic structure. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have also become new engines for agricultural development, setting off a new agricultural revolution in the world where modern information technology and agriculture are deeply integrated across borders. It can be said that smart agriculture is the best way to promote the leapfrog development of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, and the era of smart agriculture has arrived. She emphasized that Zhongkai College of Agricultural Engineering will adhere to the open spirit of Guangdong’s pioneering, reform and innovation, and pool resources to build a smart agriculture demonstration zone with Guangdong characteristics, and strive to lead the country in the application of smart agriculture, and to promote the development of smart agriculture. Promote China's agricultural modernization and make new and greater contributions.

Cheng Zhipeng, deputy inspector of the Guangzhou Science and Technology Association, said in his speech, “Using artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and big data platform applications to develop smart agriculture, widely apply new agricultural technologies, and improve agricultural production efficiency and added value of agricultural and sideline products. Play an important role."

Zhao Chunjiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a report on the "Current Situation and Future Prospects of Smart Agriculture" at the meeting, and pointed out that "precise fertilization and application of information sensor technology are the focus of future agricultural development. Machine intelligence runs through the entire agricultural production process and must be developed vigorously. Intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment maximize the utilization of agricultural resources."

The two-day conference centered around AI+Smart Agriculture, aiming to jointly promote the implementation of the development of smart agriculture application research by sharing relevant scientific research results of smart agriculture development, and provide scientific and technological support for smart agriculture to lead the development of modern agriculture and promote agricultural modernization. The seminars and exchanges were conducted on topics such as "Development Trends and Prospects and Policy Support of my country's Smart Agriculture", "Agricultural Perception System and Agricultural Internet of Things", "Artificial Intelligence and Modern Agriculture", "5G+, Mobile Communication and Mobile Internet".

This conference strongly promoted the exchanges and cooperation in the field of smart agriculture application research, which is of great significance to the development of new ideas and exchanges and cooperation in the innovative development of artificial intelligence and modern agriculture, and provides strong scientific and technological support for smart agriculture to lead the development of modern agriculture.